Wednesday, 18 January 2012

A England Legend Collection!!!

I was so happy when I got my shipping notice last night for the 4 Legends I'd pre ordered :) I certainly wasn't expecting them to turn up today, I don't think I've ever been so excited to see the postman. Before I get to the photo's I just want to say how amazing A-England nail varnish is, I only own 6 of them but they are all perfect, they go on so smoothly and easily and are richly pigmented, mostly one coaters. Oh and Adina, the lady behind the magic, is super sweet :)

This is them in the bottles

I really couldn't decide which one to swatch first so I did a quick one of each, I did them over a-englands camelot (which I always use if I need a dark base). As it turns out they didn't need a base at all :

Top to bottom we have Saint George, Dragon, Ascalon and Princess Tears.

I cleaned off the black base to do the colours on their own. I'll start with the top. My favourite today is St George, its not sunny here, and this one looks beautiful even without the sun, it looks dark green and super shiny. I made the mistake of swatching this one first and couldn't bring myself to take it off so I used my other hand for swatching :) With the flash you can see it's more of a green and blue colour. Super holographic, possibly the most gorgeous colour I own.

I swatched the Dragon next. Its similar to nubar reclaim but I think it is more holographic as I can see the effect even without the sun/flash. Goes on smoothly with one coat and dried quickly, like all the a-englands I have. It even has a slight gold duochrome as well.

Next was Ascalon which is grey, I'm a big fan of greys and this one is stunning. The holographic shimmer is really strong and I cant wait to wear this out when if we get some sunshine :) There was a slight duochrome to this one too.

And last but not least is Princess Tears, its my least favourite at the moment but I think it will grow on me, I normally like my pinks very pink, so if you like something a little more subtle its fantastic. It has been described as lavender so maybe thats better. The holographic affect is strong in this one, it was the only one I used two coats as it was a little more sheer than the others.