Friday, 4 July 2014

CND Modern Folklore Collection

Today I had the pleasure of spending the day "playing" with the entire Modern Folklore Collection from CND (minus the vinylux)

This is the autumn collection so the colours are very rich, jewel tones.

Indigo Frock is a really unusual shade of blue/grey which i think will look great mattified. Plum Paisley is a deeply pigmented purple. Rose Brocade is a sheer red that's bang on trend at the moment. Crimson Sash is a luxurious looking red. Fine Vermillion, one of my favourites, is am amazing metallic orange. Locket Love is a perfect gold, many have been waiting for this colour for a while. 

The additives, I was super excited about, are all perfect. They are pigment effects so they are not solid colours and take on aspects of whatever colour you put them on top of. For my bases I used Studio White and Black Pool.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

CND Paradise Collection

CND recently came out with a new collection of Shellac and Additives, having a limited budget I only picked up the additives and will get the Shellac at a later date.

The pack came with a free thumb pallete and mini spatula which are made from a lovely brushed metal (I just love anything with the CND logo on it)

From the top we have Sizzling Sands, a multicoloured white glitter, Tropic Sunrise, a bright yellow pigment, Island Heat, an orange golden hued pigment, Pink Lotus, a gorgeous pink pigment and last but not least Midnight Tide which is a shimmery blue pigment effect.

Below is Tropic Sunrise next to the Yellow additive

Here are some shots of Pink Lotus and Haute Pink

Then we have Midnight Tide with Cerulean Blue and Deep Blue for comparison (midnight tide is in the middle)

Sizzling Sand looks amazing over Black Pool and subtle over Cream Puff

Here's a macro shot of it in the container

Below we have Tropic Sunrise and Yellow with 2 other yellow pigments for comparison, all over Cream Puff

This is Island Heat with a neon orange pigment (Both over Cream Puff)

This is Pink Lotus with Haute Pink and 2 other shades of pink, all over Cream Puff.

And last I compared Midnight Tide to Deep Blue, Cerulean Blue (all over Cream Puff) and Blue Heaven (over Black Pool)

Here's a macro shot of Midnight Tide to show its shimmer