Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Girly Girl Challenge - Day 5: Gotta Love Chick Flicks

I know a lot of girls struggled with this one, either because they couldn't pick a film (not really liking the genre) or had problems choosing the inspiration from it. I had the opposite problem, at first I thought Oh I dont really like chick flicks, this is going to be an issue. As it turns out I love a lot of them, lol. I actually did my nails so many times with so many different designs but I couldn't pick just one. I did a really girly mani for Legally Blonde and then a really not girly one for Whip It but I've decided to post my really simple one for 50 First Dates. I'm an absolute sucker for Adam Sandler films and I adore Drew Barrymore (I did do an 80's inspired one to go with The Wedding Singer but I hated it).

I'll be honest its been awhile since I saw the film and I didn't have time to watch it again but I remembered there being lots of water in it :) so I wanted to create something similar to the ocean, something nice and simple. I did want to add some art to it but its just so pretty on its own.

I used 2 layers of Barry M Indigo, which has been sat in a box since before I was interested in nail varnish and 1 coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker. Indigo is the most beautiful colour and will be great for layering, I will have to use this more often. Barry M polishes are really cheap, decent quality and they have an amazing array of colours.

And here's a cute picture from the film :)