Thursday, 9 May 2013

CND Vinylux

CND Vinylux, A quick review and comparison

I'll just say this to start off with I love CND's Shellac so I was expecting a lot from this polish when they released it. It is a long wearing (up to a week), quick drying (8.6 minutes) 2 colour coat + topcoat system.

I was lucky enough to attend an Event where I received a few to try before they went on sale. I've tried 2 colours so far and they are great, they really do dry fast and the topcoat is very shiny. I have not worn a colour for a week though as I can only wear my polish when I'm not in college but my teacher has had it on a full week.

I ordered a few new colours as my set mainly included white, pinks and reds. One of the colours I thought was similar to some other polishes I own, when it turned up, I released it was identical so I'll probably sell the others.

So from left to right we have CND Vinylux Gilded Pleasure, Chanel Peridot and OPI's Just Spotted the Lizard

They are identical in colour and colour shift to my eye. The application for all 3 were a little streaky but vinylux smoothed out with 2 coats. The others took an extra coat for opacity and smoothness but the  brush strokes could still be seen with Peridot although that may have been my application. Peridot had slightly more shimmer than the Vinylux and OPI but with the Vinylux topcoat, Gilded Pleasure came out slightly shinier.