Thursday, 9 February 2012

Lynnderella Layering Experiment

I'm sure most of you will have heard of Lynnderella, if you havent, where have you been?!? :)
She makes the most beautiful glittery nail polishes ever, they happen to be difficult to get hold of because she makes them herself but they are worth being patient for. Her blog is here so you can check if she is open for business or purchase them from Llarowe when they are available.

Here it is in the bottle:

I decided I wanted to layer it over something a little different and I tried so many different combinations, there were a couple I really liked, it looks very pretty over gold, but only one that I loved. I used Essie Smooth Sailing as a base. Its the only Essie polish I own and I think its great, such a beautiful colour and nice application. On top of smooth sailing I put Max Factors Max Effects Fantasy Fire (it is out of stock at the moment but you can sign up for availability updates) which is pretty similar to clarins 230, it shimmers from red to bronze, blue to green and has a purple base.

Here is a picture taken with flash so the blue really shines from under the fantasy fire:

And a second pic which shows the colour in normal light:

Now on top of this I put the Lynnderella Love Potion no 99, I only used a small amount partly because its like gold dust lol and partly because I wanted the fantasy fire to still be visible.

Without flash it is the most beautiful dark blue/purple with different shades of chunky purple glitter and a little rainbow glitter too:

With the flash the blue really pops and you can see the colour shift from the fantasy fire along with all the glittery loveliness of the love potion:

So I'm just going to sit and look at my nails for the rest of the day now :)