Monday, 16 April 2012

A very late St Paddy's Day Mani

I completely forgot to put these pictures up. This is what I wore for St.Patrick's Day.

My dad changed the lens on the camera and I didn't want to ruin my nails changing it back to my usual one so the pictures are a little strange :)

It was a fun mani to do and pretty quick, other than having to let the varnish dry between coats :)
I used two coats of Illamasqua radium as a base and made these shapes in the corner with Bettina Mojito and an old unnamed yellow polish I had lying around. I used Bettina Disco on my ring finger to glitz it up and popped some dots on there for good measure.

Saturday, 14 April 2012

MariMoon Chameleon

I decided today to do some stamping today because I haven't done it a while. I wanted to use one of my marimoon polishes as they have so many different colours/shades. I picked out Chameleon as I wanted to try out a sort of mermaid tail/dragon scale mani.

I used A-Englands Saint George for the stamping. I put some flakies on under the stamp to add more depth on my little finger, I wish I'd done it on all of them but I couldn't see much difference under the lamp in my room :) 

Thursday, 12 April 2012

Illamasqua Jo'Mina

This colour is beautiful! Its also almost impossible for me to photograph and get the colour to look like it does on the nail.

It went on really smoothly and evenly, I used 2 coats and no topcoat as it has a really nice shine by itself. Its less dusty and more bright than it appears in my pictures. I added a bit of bling to it.

These pictures are from an old camera so I might be able to get a closer colour match with my new camera which I'll try and do at some point.

Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Nfu Oh 64 Pink Holographic

This is one of my many Nfu Oh's. I love the bottles and the colours more than I love the actual nail polish, to be honest, I tend to find application tricky and they can be so expensive. I used the aqua base with this and still had problems with it but its just so pretty. It applies very strangely, it doesn't look holographic until it is dry.

I'll have to get this out again when we've got some sun as I imagine it'll look amazing under direct sunlight.

Sunday, 8 April 2012

Models Own Beetlejuice: Aqua Violet

This is one of the older beetlejuice collection polishes. I've actually only worn this one and pinky brown, which I love. It really is a true multichrome. Like all other Models Own polishes it only costs £5 so I think its great quality for the price with easy application and removal. This was 2 coats.

Friday, 6 April 2012

Models Own Hed Kandi: Ibiza Mix

I saw the range of Models Own Hed Kandi polishes in my local boots last week and was annoyed to see that the only one I wanted was sold out already but I kept popping back in to see if they got any more. Luckily today I noticed they had one, tucked behind a different colour, yay :)
Its basically a glitter topcoat, with 2 different sizes of glitter and many different colours.

This was 2 layers over black, all the colours really stand out like this but I wanted to try it with some softer shades. So I tried 2 coats over pink.

And then one coat over blue.

Which I then mattified and kept on

The polish went on really easily and I didn't feel the need to place any of the hex glitter individually. It also came off really easily as well, which is always a bonus with glitter but I think it was mainly due to it being layered. I purchased this in the shop but It is available online from Boots for £5.

Illamasqua Easter Egg Hunt: Day 2 Nail Varnish!

Illamasqua are having a special Easter egg hunt for 4 days, today is the 2nd day and as it means 50% off some shades I thought it was worth a mention.

The first shade is Gamma:

The second shade is Muse:

The third shade is Jo'Mina: this is one of my faves.

The fourth shade is Collide:

And the last one is Stagnate:

I kinda want them all :)

Wednesday, 4 April 2012

NerdLacquer: Hyperspace Bypass

Since the nail challenge I was part of ended I haven't really felt like blogging :-( I think maybe I need to set myself a schedule and stick to it, lol. I've painted my nails plenty but not really felt the need to take pictures until I got out my NerdLacquer Hyperspace Bypass. I ordered this a while back but when I tried to use it, it was too thick and gloopy and I couldn't get it to go on evenly, which may have been due to the travelling it did.
When I tried it this time I had no problems at all, it went on perfectly with 2 coats. I'm a huge fan of Douglas Adams and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy which is where the name for this polish was taken and that's how I picked it, I would love to own the whole collection eventually. They can be bought directly from Amanda's Etsy Store, Harlow & Co. and Think Geek.

It dried a little gritty but I'm liking texture at the moment so I left it that way but you could put a topcoat on, one decent layer should smooth it out. I really don't want to take this polish off for two reasons. One, I love it and Two, I know its going to be a complete nightmare to get off :)