Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Polished Components

I had about 20 nail polishes turn up in the post today so it was tough to decide where to start :)
So I went with the ones that came in the cutest packaging :) My 3 mini's from Ashley - Polished Components, I love her nyan cat collection, I might get that next. She also does super cute jewellery. I'm really enjoying the choice of "home-made" nail varnishes you can get now and want to add more to my collection. I used camelot from A-England as a base, its a perfect black, one coat.

The first one I tried, my favourite of the bunch was Water's Night, its a blue to purple duochrome with holographic glitter, looks navy blue in some lights and a lovely bright blue in others. And the purple is so pretty but very hard to capture. Absolutely perfect for doing galaxy nails I think.

Second I tried Earth's Night, Its a green/yellow to awesome dusky pink duochrome, with the holographic glitter.

And last was Fire's Night, this looked the strongest in darker lighter conditions. A beautiful shade of pink, and not forgetting the colour shift to a sort of red-coppery glow. Not forgetting the holographic glitter of course.

These are amazing topcoats and I cant wait to try some different layering options :) The application was perfect, they smell a little strong but I expect that from home-made stuff. Ashley does a great job and her shipping is very reasonable.