Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Girly Girl Challenge -Day 7: Sugar,Spice and Everything Nice

I can't believe this is the second to last mani in the Girly Girl Challenge. I've really enjoyed doing it and its kept me a bit more "regular" blog-wise, lol.
Today was Sugar, Spice and Everything Nice - That's what little girls are made of! Show off your sweet (or spicy) inspired nails. So I wanted to do something sweet inspired but do something I hadn't tried before. I also wanted to use my newly acquired BeYu Brilliant Shiraz 209. And then something on my blogger dashboard caught my eye, a "caviar" mani. I absolutely love this, I've started to really like textured nails since I bought Floam. This particular black base with black microbeads reminds me of a particular sweet I loved when I was in school and I would have loved to have recreated this, but I don't have any black microbeads :( so I was going to do it red, as there were blackcurrent and raspberry versions of the sweets. In the end I went with a red/green version as it was a bit more sparkly but if I can get hold of a picture of those sweets I liked, I will definitely just do a red version.

I used 2 coats of Barry M Dusky Mauve, 1 coat of BeYu Brilliant Shiraz 209 and 1 coat of Pure Ice Heartbreaker. I then mixed red and green microbeads and tipped them on to my nail, pressing them down to make them stick into the wet coat of heartbreaker on my ring finger. I added a topcoat to help them stay stuck down :)