Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Hotski to tchotchke and Ruby Ritz Shellac

I'm so full of cold, I haven't changed my nails since last week and I don't see me re-doing them in the near future, fortunately I love the colours and design so It's not all bad. I used 2 coats of Hotski to Tchotchke. On 2 of my fingers I mixed up some sparkly green glitter and some green iridescent bar glitter and pressed that in, I then stamped them with a hounds-tooth pattern from a bundle monster plate. On the other fingers I added a thin layer of Ruby Ritz which changed it to a lovely deep purple red glittery shade which looks amazing in person. 

This photo was taken a couple of days after I'd done them. The photos below are from today, a week after they'd been done. So you can see the green glitter better. Not much tip wear or a massive gap by my cuticle so I think I can get another week out of them easily :-)