Monday, 16 January 2012

Blue Monday

Today is known as blue monday, it is apparently the most depressing day of the year
I'm not feeling at all blue, I got a letter from college for an interview about a nails extension course starting next month and I started my blog but I thought in honour of blue monday, I'd franken a blue polish :)
Its my first attempt so its not perfect, I think I added a little too much pigment. I used a few shades of blue mac pigments I had laying around with some blue, silver and holographic glitters I got with a nail kit.
Edit: I re-swatched, re-photographed and added some holographic hexagons to it :)

Here it is without the added hexagons:

And with the hexagons (excuse the claw hand):

And with a flash, on my dog :) (old camera phone pic)

I'm happy with my first attempt :) Its just right for a blue monday, a silver-grey-blue with rainbows when the sun comes out.

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