Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Girly-Girl Challenge Day 3 - Delicate Elegant

Today is the third day of the Girly-Girl Challenge hosted by Lindsey of Neverland Nail Blog. "Adorn yourself with a lovely pattern, color or technique". I was struggling with this one, none of my stamps seemed quite right and none of the techniques I know seemed to work with delicate or elegant, so I went with the "color" option.
And I only own one color that fits the bill, Clarins 220 Patient Pink. Its a very delicate shade of pink with a really nice shine and very subtle flakies, that are similar to the ones in Illamasqua's raindrops. I added some little pearls to make it more elegant :)

I suppose this would be great for a wedding manicure. The Clarins polish itself built up nicely and could be used for work or for a nice shimmery french manicure, its very pretty but subtle.


  1. oh very cute. it's so simple and the little pearls really dress it up.

  2. This really compliments your skin so well.

    I Like the added pearls.

  3. The pearls look great! Good job! :)

  4. Great shimmery peach, I love the color