Monday, 5 March 2012

Rainbow Dotting Mani

I just noticed that there is a nail art (specifically dotting) competition on one of the blogs I follow and it ends today. I'm trying to step out of my comfort zone manicure wise and do things I'm not very good at, lol, so I figured why not give dotting another go. I actually don't own a dotting too so I had to make do with the end of a hair clip :)

This is what I started with:

Then I played about with the hair clip:

It is by no means perfect but I'm happy with it and I think will purchase some actual dotting tools so I can get different sized dots more easily :)


  1. This is so cool looking! Very yin-yang looking! And very colorful, love it!

  2. This is very cool and inventive :)

  3. This is sooo FUN! Went straight to my to-do -list! (Pinned your pic in pinterest, too!) <3

  4. I love how that came out! Really creative :)

  5. Thanks :)
    You'll have to show me when you do yours Eugenia :)

  6. love the color combo and dotting. +1 follower :) I nominated you for the liebster award Cee <3