Tuesday, 31 December 2013

Happy New Years...some CND shellac, acrylic & nail art

It's been too long since I posted, I've given up apologising as I guess I'll just post as and when I have the time, hope no one minds :-)

This post will mainly be pictures to be honest, I'll write details if I can remember them.

The nails below were for my birthday/holiday. I attempted a 3d flower which worked out...okay. I used Frosted Glen CND shellac, which is one of my all time favourite colours. I went for simple black and white on my toes, I think the design is meant to be like the inside of a shell, I had these on forever, haha.

 I kept my nails this shape and length for a while and just changed the design, below are my attempt at a "glam turtle"

And these purple ones I did to match a dress for a Christening, they took about 5 hours as I didn't have a clue what I was doing. The owls were stamped on and dotted with colour, the roses were hand made decals. These were one of my favourites from the year.

I also learnt some fiddly stuff in college, 3D roses, gems and twirls made using acrylic (liquid & powder)

I did quite a lot of different nails over Halloween but the orange and black were the ones I liked the most, done with polish for a change. I also customised a skeleton hand bracelet for my Halloween costume, I used acrylic, various glitter and rhinestones.

I also won a competition and got some Irresistible glitters which are amazing, I did a super glitter pink leopard print design (using CND shellac)

I played some more with foils, I did my mums nails (using CND shellac) and then loved them so much I copied them using Vinylux and foil adhesive.

I learnt to make jewellery with polish and CND shellac from a fellow nail technician

And some of my college work was put into a Calender to help make money for a local charity

These were my Christmas nails, I went for classic red and gold, using CND shellac, glitter and some stamping to finish off.

And last but not least my New Years nails, I will end the year with my favourite shape and colours. Hope everyone has had a good year x

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