Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Models Own New Beetlejuice Collection: Indian Ocean, Tropical Sun & Copper Pot Swatches

I've been looking forward to the release of Models Own new beetlejuice polishes since they announced it on their facebook page. I own the entire collection and I really like them, they are perfectly priced and although not completely original they're all great colours. They can be bought directly from Models Own for £5 each, or the collection (6 bottles) for £20 which is an absolute bargain.

I'll start off with a bottle shot :)

I was most looking forward to Indian Ocean (one on the left). It looked like such a delicate yet interesting shade. It was very sheer, with a glass fleck effect, so I think I'll be finding a nice baby blue to layer it over in future. I used 5 coats for the picture below.

And then I layered it over a few other colours (I love it over the pink and light blue)

Next I tried out Tropical Sun, which is a gorgeous tangerine shade with little bits of glitter in. I used 3 coats.
The formula is great on this one, not too sheer and dries pretty quickly. The finish was super shiny.

Last but certainly not least was Copper Pot, this is my favourite of the 3, I cant really explain why but the colour is really unique, too me, I own nothing like it.


  1. Ugh, I want these! I live in Canada and they are hard to come by. We do have an online shop that carries models own but these aren't in yet.

    Great purchase. These are gorg!

    1. Hey, I'm pretty lucky living in the UK being able to get models own, barry m and a-england polishes quickly and easily so let me know if there's ever anything you need, maybe we can swap :)

    2. Oooh that sounds like fun! Do you have any North American polishes that are really hard to come by for you?

    3. I shall have a think :D

    4. Some brands I have quite easy access to...
      China Glaze
      Spa Ritual
      Zoya -- somewhat limited access
      Some Sinful Colors (limited range though)
      Ack, lots more..

      Also some Canadian exclusive brands like:
      Quo by Orly
      Lise Watier--also their cosmetics!

    5. Thats a good list :) it'd be cool to swap some of the cheaper brands i think like milani and kleancolor

    6. Sounds pretty good to me. My email is

  2. Wow I love Indian Ocean! By the way, if you can get A-England Saint George, I would love to swap with you! My email is

    1. Hi Bethany, I can get Saint George, I'll give you an email soon :)

  3. I wish I could purchase these without it being so expensive. )=

  4. Ahhh so excited to finally see swatches of this! Great swatches, thanks so much =) I think I will be picking up Indian Ocean for sure =)

    1. Indian ocean is beautiful, I just wish it was a little more opaque :)

  5. I'm kinda sad about Indian Ocean...that's what I get for being so excited ;)I've just blogged about it too! Lovely blog, new follower here.x

  6. I love the blue one, the pink is a little like No17 Glisten, Ive got a picture of it here

    great Blog, found you on models own FB page - followed :-)

  7. Indian Ocean looks amazing!!