Friday, 11 May 2012

Color Club All About Color Set with Neons!

I picked up this and a few other sets in my local TK Maxx shop for a whole £9.99 for 7 polishes. 4 of them glow nicely under UV light.

I tried them all out, all of them needed 2 coats and dried fairly quickly. For the neons I used a white base coat as this seems to be better than trying to get them to be opaque on their own and it makes the colour nice and bright.

Here is the orange under a UV light:

The pink is slight darker and more neon in real life.

I, for some reason, only did one coat of the purple, which is a shame. Its a really nice purple and looks less blue tinged in real life, I think it'd make a nice gradient mani with one of the neon pinks.

I really liked this green, its minty and it still glows a little under the UV light.

This is slightly more purple and slightly darker in real life


  1. I love neon colours! That certainly was a bargain.

  2. I got this set too but haven't come round to try them though, nice swatches!! Too bad they didn't come with any names at all :(
    Oh and did you grab the Barielle sets as well? I found TK Maxx are swamped with polish sets lately ;)

    1. No I just got this, a backup, a set of colorclub glitters (which I'll swatch when i can handle the removal, lol) and a set of neutral shades. I looked at the Barielle boxes and liked maybe one for 2 in each box so I couldn't pick one, did you get any?

  3. The yellow is amazing! We didn't get the neon ones in our tk maxx. Shame because they are really nice.

  4. I'm so jealous! I would love this set!

  5. Do you know the names of any of the colours? Thanks x