Sunday, 18 August 2013

CND Vinylux and MoYou London Plates

I took the neon gel off my nails so I needed to do my nails again, luckily my other plates from MoYou London arrived. I got 8 different plates, including one full of moustaches :-)

I chose to do a mani with the 80's and 90's plates, from the Time Traveller set, as there are so many great images on them. Everything I stamped worked really well. I used 2 coats of  CND Vinylux Cream Puff as a base and used A-England Camelot as my stamping polish, with a layer of Vinylux topcoat at the end.

So far I've found the plates/images to be really clear and easy to use, so long as you are light with the scraper (I use a plastic one so as not to damage the metal). No problems with any of my orders either, they were shipped out quickly, once the new plates were in stock.

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