Thursday, 12 September 2013

Quick Post: More Moyou Mani's and Neon Shellac

This is just a little post, mainly some images, showing what I've been up to since I last blogged. I'm back at college now so hopefully I'll have more advanced nail art coming up over the next year.

I stamped over Enchanted Polish - Time To Pretend with Barry M Lilac Foil using MoYou Londons Princess Collection 02 plate.

The image above I did not long after I got the Suki Collection 01 plate from MoYou London, I used CND Vinylux in Bicycle Yellow, Electric Orange and Decadence to do the gradient and topped with Pure Ice - Heartbreaker to smooth it out. I added a few dots of colour here and there so the stamping wasn't just solid black, this was inspired by Diana from

This was created with lots of stamping, dotting, freehand and handmade decals. I used MoYou London plates; Rebel Collection 03 and Back to the 90's 01. The red I used was A-England - Perceval, the green was an unnamed one.

The heart tips and cutouts were just a play around for me, practicing gradients and also doing the cutout technique for the first time, I actually found it to be really awkward, my brush didn't want to remove the polish cleanly. I think I need a more sturdy brush for this in future. This was done with the same vinylux colours as the second image.

Last but not least, a lovely nail tech from Belgium sent me some neon pigments to try out. I've got a set of 6 I purchased from ebay which look great in the tub and mix nicely with gel and acrylic but look pastel when burnished into shellac. These stay super bright and glow amazingly under UV lights. This is the green and pink over Cream Puff Shellac.

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