Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Summer Fun Challenge Day 7

Let me first of all apologise for the bad pictures, I can't find my camera :-O so I had to use my phone.
Today's challenge is the second to last one, "Summer Stylin'" Were we are supposed to create a mani based on our favourite piece of summer fashion. So I went with something Black Milk inspired. Black Milk is my new obsession. I did this design to go with their Owl Swimsuit, scroll down the page for a picture.

I used my faithful A-England Camelot for the black base and used Bundle Monster Stamp no. 309 for the owl designs. I then, not so carefully dotted some Color Club Antique on the owls body and mixed Antique with Bettina Starfish for the eyes and detail on the flowers to help coordinate the colours with the swim suit.

Edit: Here's a pic from the camera, I added some metallic orange stripes


  1. This is the image I was most excited about from the previews! Glad to see it works wonderfully. Love it so much with the detailing you did!

    1. Thanks Kat, its one of those mani's you just bear to take off, lol

  2. I love that swimsuit, but I actually think your nails look better. Great work!